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Ensuring the security of personal, property and society from fires and emergencies is one of the most important functions of the Company "Spotvi".

The system of fire safety is a set of forces and means, as well as measures of legal, organizational, economic, social and scientific character, aimed at combating fires, technogenic and ecological accidents.

An important element of the system of fire safety, along with the bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government, the citizens, are organizations whose activity is focused on the development and implementation of technical solutions to prevent the conditions of emergence of fires, to rescue people from the manifestation of dangerous factors of fires and technical operations of the divisions of firefighting.

In the execution of the Federal law "On technical regulation" in the field of fire safety since 2009, has new technical regulations of fire safety and new Standards aimed at improving the quality of performed works and rendered services in the field of fire safety, manufacturing, fire safety products of new generation. That is what today directed the existing human and technical potential of the Company.